This is my first book review ever, so don’t expect too much. I finished it a while back, but it is still my favorite book series to date. Of course, I’ve only become a reader in the last two years, so it may not be saying much, but it’s a start at least.

This book’s strongest point is the plot. Pierce Brown is killer when it comes to creating a good storyline and what an adventure he takes us on. Imagine a future thousands of years from now, where humanity is genetically engineered into a cast system. Hair and eye color (from Red, Blue, Gold, etc.) designate you into a class, with Reds being the lowest. In this case, the Reds have been underneath the surface of Mars for several hundred years getting the surface to be ready to be livable. Turns out Golds have been living there for over 300 yeas in the lap of luxury, while the Reds have literally been slaving a way for a lie. Yeah, intense right?

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