BYU – Idaho Guide

My time at BYU – Idaho was some of the best years of my life. I gained a great education, wonderful friends and the experience of a life time. Here are some thing to know about the school if you are considering going to school there.

BYU-I offers over 100 Bachelor’s Degrees and 11 Online Bachelor’s Degrees. The schedule is organized into three 14 week semesters, including Fall, Winter and Spring.

There are seven different colleges and 33 departments that offer a variety of majors, which gives plenty of options for most students.

A distinguishing feature of the school is the teaching methodology called the Learning Model.

Activities Program
I was never one to volunteer for student council or get involved with student government, but I was invited one weekend to a retreat and I was converted! The Student Activities Program is an opportunity to be involved in people. I had a wonderful experience in Student Alumni, the Leadership + Service Institute and Student Activities Council. I grew a lot spiritually and in my secular skills and most importantly, I grew great friendships.
The close proximity of the campus buildings make it easy to bump into the same people over and over again, making friendships easier to develop. The modernization of the Manwaring Center Student Building makes it the center of activities and socialization. Sometimes, that is also the case of the David O. McKay Library ;). The new BYU-I Center is a great gathering place for weekly devotionals, graduations and other special occasions. The Smith Building was the center of my classroom experience as a Business Administration student. The Taylor is a wonderful setting for religion courses and having quiet time. I could go on and on, but taking time to visit there yourself will not only be important for you to get a sense of what it is like, but also to show how serious you are about attending.
The school has going through several names and stages, but it was originally started in 1888 as Bannocks Stake Academy. In 1902 it was made a two year normal school and named Ricks Academy, after it’s first President, Thomas E. Ricks. In 1918, it was named Ricks Normal College, eventually dropping Normal in 1923. In 2000 it was made a four year university and named Brigham Young University – Idaho.
Local Attractions
There are several activities in the area you can venture out to and have some fun. See a list below, with distance from Rexburg:

  • Jackson Hole, WY (80 Miles)
  • Yellowstone National Park (50 Miles)
  • The Sand Dunes (20 Miles)
  • Salt Lake City (240 Miles)
Student Life
There are more than 32,000 students on campus. If you are interested in online, they have just over that many enrolled.

I cannot begin to tell you how fun the small community environment makes enables super fun activities and deep friendships. It has been said that the friends you make in college are for life and that has certainly been true for me.

The Honor Code is also an important part of being there. It is established to maintain a clean environment and help the Spirit to be present.