Belgium Guide

The land of chocolate and waffles! Belgium is a small country with a lot of flavor. We only visited two cities and really enjoyed Bruges. Our visit took place in May 2017.

Each section below is divided by city or location. Click on the section to expand the accordion button for a bulleted list of “things to do and see” at the top of some locations, along with photos.

  • Grand Palace
  • Mannekin Pis
  • Rue des Bouch
  • Palace Royale
  • Centre Beige
  • Catheralee Mil
  • Parc de Cuinqua

The Atomium

More Grand Palace

The Grand Palace

Another cool building


  • Belfort
  • Burg
  • Standius
  • Canal Trip
  • Memling
  • Lizzie’s Waffles

Mom and Pop Chocolate Shop

One of the many canals

The prettiest scenery



Cobble Stone Streets

Lizzie’s Giant Waffles

Horse Drawn Carriage

The Main Square

From the Clock Tower