Personality Guide

This guide is a work in progress, but I wanted to get a few nuggets up.

Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the tried and true personality test and is used as the basis for several personality resources. I myself, happen to be an ENFJ.


16 Personalities


The 16 Personalities Test is a great way to understand some of your traits through taking a simple test. This uses the Myers-Briggs personality categories, which I feel are pretty accurate. I’ve consistently been identified as an ENFJ, so take a look at it to know a little bit more about what makes me tick.

Gallup Strengths Finder

The Gallup Strengths Finder is another personality type test that focuses on specific traits you are good at. Mine are:

  • Achiever – Productivity drives me to continually set goals for myself and accomplish those objectives in a timely fashion. Creating and executing organizational objectives provide me with purpose. I take getting results seriously and try to inspire other to do the same.
  • Futuristic – Goals drive me into the future. I’m inspired by improvement of my team and myself. I provide the vision and strategy to achieve successful results.
  • Positivity – As an enthusiastic and high energy leader, I enjoy celebrating success and my achievements. Focusing on the positive aspects of life and business make professional and personal relationships more impactful and meaningful.
  • Includer – Diversity and appreciation of cultural differences is important to me. I thrive to create teams and an environment where everyone’s ideas and perspective are valued.
  • Woo – Meeting new people excites me. I love learning about their backgrounds and interests. It’s easy and fun for me to develop relationships through meaningful conversations.
Four Behavioral Styles

The Four Behavioral Styles are another personality guide that help label some traits most people have.

  • Analytical – organized and systematic
  • Amiable – friendly and gregarious
  • Driver – decisive and task-oriented
  • Expressive – energetic and impulsive
DiSC Behavioral Profiles

The DiSC Behavioral Styles are common categories to label your behavior.

  • Dominance – results oriented
  • Influence – relationship oriented
  • Steadiness – dependability oriented
  • Conscientiousness – competency oriented



Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

While not a personality guide, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale test is the gold standard for understanding your IQ. Knowing IQ can give insights into other parts of your abilities and capabilities.